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Julio Cesar Benavides Macias


Self-taught 3D visual content creator for Film, TV-Series, and 3D print.

I’m always on the hunt for fresh and exciting approaches to crafting breathtaking 3D visuals that truly tug at the heartstrings in the virtual realm. I really enjoy making digital 3d scenes and assisting fellow artists. It brings me joy to lend an ear and offer support to others. It’s wonderful to do 3d sculptures for printing. It must be incredibly satisfying to see your art take on a physical form and come to life before your very eyes.

Nominated for the 2023 HPA Awards Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects – The Night Agent / Netflix

2 years Contestand on Zbrush Summit in Hollywood

Collaborating with – Zbrush – Marvelous Designer – Face Form – Keyshot – Anatomy for Sculptors

Exhibition of digital artworks in Art Basel, Amsterdam, South Korea, Hollywood, San Francisco.

Professional Experience

Ingenuity Studios – Vancouver, BC.

  • Create clean organic and inorganic modelings on Zbrush and Maya, UVs, texture, and turntables of the modelings.
  • Create high-quality 3d models (character, creature, hard surface) for tv and big screen for Marvel, DC Comics, The Walking Dead, Shot Time, Paramount Pictures, Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV, Warner Brothers, Disney Plus, AMC, Hulu, ABC, New Line Cinema, Etc.
  • Works with the team of supervisors to ensure the requirements of assets.
  • Optimizes, refines, and corrects modeling assets to satisfy the artistic requirements of the supervisor.
  • Uses communication skills and technical knowledge to work with all the teams involved in every project.
  • Constantly learning new modeling and texturing skills to satisfy clients’ and supervisors’ needs.
  • Consistently incorporates feedback from previous interactions and consistently delivers high-quality, realistic outcomes.

Kolor Productions Ltda – Los Angeles, California.

  • Modeling and texturing 3d environments, props, and creatures for 3d animation.
  • Create 3d characters based on scans of Hollywood celebrities.
  • Work and create the 3d modeling, texture, light, and render based on the concept art for Bella Poarch, The Symone, Todrcik, Impoppy, Blameitonkway, Pearlisasion, Uglyworldwide, Clermonttwins, Anactingangel, Nikcy Minaj, Mike Tyson, and more.
  • Oversaw creation of 3d environments for Netflix Brasil, brand series Maldivas, based on the perspective of 2d references.

Paramonga Design Studio – San Francisco, California.

  • Model and texture some products for real fabrication, and for 3d visualization tv commercials.
  • Create high-quality topology of hard-surface products.
  • Publish final .obj for the department of animation, render, and light.

Sideshow and PCS Collectibles – Los Angeles, California.

  • Modeled a high-quality Motorcycle on Maya and Zbrush.
  • Based on the Prince´s Purple Rain Motorcycle for a 3d print toy for Warner Brothers.
  • Work on one NDA sculpture.

Lucan Visual Estudios – South Africa.

  • Modeling an environment doctor’s office, with all medical objects in the room, and extra parts on a toon view.
  • Modeled a pharmaceutical product for animation, rendering, and TV production promotional use.
  • Take UVs of all the objects for the texture artist, when all are approved by the director, working closely with the texture and light department.

Ultra Music Festival – Miami, Florida.

  • Modeled the characters for 2 years for the television spots, and the animation team during the event.
  • Modeled the character based on concept art, sculpted full character body, and cloth, made retopology, and took us to the texture department.

Prime Studio Vfx – San Francisco, California.

  • Modeled 3d parts of interior and exterior airplanes, for TV spots, and production.
  • Modeled wings, turbines, airplane tails, seats of business class, second class, bathroom, etc.
  • Took UVs of the 3d model for the texture department.
  • Work close to animation and light departments.
  • Work closely with the animation and airplane directors, for the TV spots, to have a realistic result on the TV spots.

Social Media Julio Benavides

Gumroad page, at this moment you can start downloading free statues for 3d printing, soon you can find more free 3d assets of my work, full scenes of paid projects for download.

Instagram is the best you can view updates of my new works, pics, videos, reels, news, and more about my 3d works. You can contact me here if you need help or only talk. For inquiries or collaboration contact me here.

Youtube channel, where you can watch free 3d video tutorials, about modeling, texturing, and more, all related on 3d world.

Artstation site, you can view here all my finished personal and professional 3d scenes, for print and film.

Twitch stream zone, where you can interact direct with me on live 3d sessions, working on new and personal 3d models.

Linkedin page, you can view updates of my new works, news, and more about my 3d works.

Facebook fan page, you can view updates and pics of my 3d models, news about my new works, and more. You can contact me here if you need help or only talk.

Twitter you go to view some works, updates, and more info related to the general 3d world.

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