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Vis Dep / Creature Artist / 3d Modeler.

Character Artist

Sculpt and model hardsurface and organic characters for film and TV series.

Hardsurface Artist

Experience modeling hardsurface models for film, 3d print, and products.

Sculptor Artist

Create high-quality statues for 3d printing, with cuts, ready for print.

Creature Artist

Texturing and Modeling creatures for film and TV series, are part of the standar of every 3d modeler.

Julio Benavides 3d Modeler for film, animation and 3d printing.

Julio Benavides News.

Part of the team at Ingenuity Studios in the 3d modeling and texturing department in – The Night Agent NominatedΒ for the 2023 HPA Awards Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects – The Night Agent / Netflix

2 years ContestandΒ on Zbrush Summit in Hollywood

CollaboratingΒ with – Zbrush – Marvelous Designer – Face Form – Keyshot – Anatomy for Sculptors

Exhibition of digital artworksΒ in Art Basel, Amsterdam, South Korea, Hollywood, San Francisco.

Work and create the 3d modeling, texture, light, and render based on the concept art for Nikcy Minaj, Mike Tyson, Netflix Brasil, Bella Poarch, The Symone, Todrcik, Impoppy, Blameitonkway, Pearlisasion, Uglyworldwide, Clermonttwins, Anactingangel, and more.

Benavidmark – Julio Benavides 3D Modeler of Creatures, Characters, and Props for Film and TV series, and a 3D sculptor for 3d Print.

Julio Benavides / Benavidmark – 3d Digital Artist


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Demo Reel

“Vacation Friends 2” In charge of modeling and texturing the Airplane, a Boat, a Container loading machine and more assets for this movie, also I make the destroy plane for the Airplane explosion.

Portafolio 3d modeling and texturing.

Works made in Zbrush, Maya, Substance Painter, and Blender.

About Julio Benavides

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Credits for Film and TV Series

Some of the most recent credits of Julio Cesar Benavides MaciasΒ like – 3D Modeler of Creatures, Props, and More.