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The store of 3d sculptures, Characters, Creatures, Props, and more.

Sculptures for 3D print

High-quality sculptures for 3d print, with cuts, ready for use, to enjoy magnific persona creations.


Props with topology and UVs, ready for use on film and personal projects.

Subdivision Models

High-quality Characters, Creatures, and Hard-surface of 3d modeling assets with topology and UVs ready for use.

Full Scenes

Full Scenes with all the props, characters creatures, and textures ready for rendering in Blender.

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“Every model I build is infused with a deep sense of passion and attention to detail, ensuring that each one is a true masterpiece.”

Products in stock.

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Store diversity

ΒΏAre you interested on a personal request 3d for film, animation, 3d printing?

Did you have a very specific model request? We can make a special product for you, for animation, or 3D printing. At our service, we believe in unleashing your creativity without any limitations. That’s why we’re here to make your 3D modeling experience effortless and enjoyable, regardless of whether you’re into filmmaking, animation, or 3D printing. Join us to explore the fascinating world of 3D modeling!

Don’t let this chance slip away! Get your hands on this exquisite sculpture now, available as a high-quality 3D print or animation model. Complete with textures and subdivisions, it’s the perfect addition to any art lover’s collection.

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